State of the Nations (De-stress).

I’ve written a short poem/rap/blog post in rhyming couplets. It starts off on a local, home-town tip, before quickly veering into the territory of current affairs, both home and abroad. I’ve entitled it ‘State of the Nations (De-stress)’.

From a town with an F.C in crisis

With owners less popular than Isis

I come to talk about the state of the nation

Distorted pictures, aggravation.

When I look at Venezuela, what do I see?

But the Battle of Chile in ’73.

Elections-’16 in Peru, ’17 in France.

You’ve got different dancers, but the same dance.

And if the centre, it cannot really hold?

Is now the time for something bold?

Podemos, Syriza, they thought it was time,

Even Labour took a similar line.

But reaction’s got muscle, too.

Trump and Erdogan, just for two.

Yes, and Brexit’s the elephant in the room.

One wo/man’s euphoria, another wo/man’s doom.

And now there’s a gathering of duds around May.

It’s going to be a landslide, some people say.

My glass is half-empty, but also half-full.

Can things be dismal, but life not dull?





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